Today it has a been 26 weeks since we laid Bobby to rest.  A half a year.  And 27 Fridays ago he and the boys were here for the weekend.  It was a good weekend.  We had some great conversation, we all went to dinner at O’Charleys, and the boys, and Jeff and I went    shopping for some toys.  Keagan picked out Legos and Coen picked out a toy pickup truck with a trailer and a motorcycle.  We had so much fun with the boys.  They “camped” on the floor of my TV room, collected rocks from the creek and spent hours with Bobby assembling the Legos.

Bobby was such a great dad.  He knew the kind of dad he wanted to be and he made it happen.  His boys were so important to him and he made sure they realized it.  My prayer is that they grow to be fine young men and know that their dad loved them with his whole heart.  They deserve the best life has to offer and they deserve to be happy.  I love those little guys and I miss their visits with Bobby.

It’s hard to be happy without Bobby here in my life.  Sometimes I feel like I just can’t do it.  I just can’t go on.  But then I look into the face of my daughter, or my granddaughter or my grandson, my husband; or I think about those precious little boys of Bobby’s and realize that I have to go on…for them.  It’s so hard, my heart hurts so badly and I need feel Bobby hug me just once more.  Just one more time….

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