We got our first little bit of snow yesterday, I’m sad Bobby missed it.  He didn’t necessarily love the snow but I liked talking to him about it.  The area in Georgia where he lived for the last nine years or so, and was a Sheriff’s Deputy for about five of those years, had a lot of of snow this year. He always said they would have to shut down the city with just a dusting of snow.  I think they had about eight or nine inches this time.  I can’t even image how many accidents and cars off the road he would have worked.  He love his  job working as a deputy and was very good at it.  Several of Bobby’s co-workers from the Sheriff’s Department attended his service.  They had such wonderful things to say about Bobby, it made me so proud of him, once again.  Jeff and I plan to make a trip to Georgia this summer to visit the Sheriff’s Department and other friends.  We’ll drive by his old house and some of the places we visited with Bobby.  The last time we were in Georgia we went to The Mall of Georgia.  We got the boys Build-a-Bears and it was so much fun.  We spent about an hour in that little store making their stuffed animals.  We also went to a motorcycle store, and a gun store, Krispy Kreme, the R2B2 Shop, Target and Publix.  I love that area of the country with the mountains and lakes, it’s beautiful.

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